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Returning to work after an extended career break

Career breaks are becoming increasingly common as more people take time out or the workplace for a range of reasons: childcare or caring for elderly relatives; personal physical or mental health challenges; travel; or a period of unemployment that has just continued for longer than you might have expected.


You may be chomping at the bit to get back, or you may be feeling incredibly anxious about the whole process. Whatever you are feeling, we’ll start from where you’re at; working out a plan at a pace that feels right for you, and always thinking holistically about how your career fits with other responsibilities or considerations.



Some of the conversations we have might be around:

  • Understanding your current context – what worked for you before may well not be what you need now

  • Understanding your strengths, interests and working values; building confidence in returning to the workforce, no matter how long you’ve been away from it.

  • Thinking about returning to a similar role in a similar industry to your previous role, or maybe considering a totally new direction – possibly retraining for a whole new career, or working out the feasibility of setting up your own business

  • Developing a really strong CV and/or a LinkedIn profile to help you reconnect with former colleagues, clients and peers

  • Supporting you with job applications, preparing for interviews, and early days coaching to help you get settled into your new ​role


You can decide the level of support you need

Some clients will only want support over one or two sessions, but other clients might need more in-depth support. I will always have an initial conversation with every new client (free of charge) to discuss your own personal situation and what you think you’re looking for. I take a structured approach, and I’ll offer you some options of how we could potentially work together, and then leave it with you to decide how you’d like to take things forward.


It might help you to look through some previous client stories to get a better idea of how I work with people, or  Contact me to book a free initial consultation.

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