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Individual support > Mid-career support

Career counselling in mid-career or beyond

You can benefit from careers support at all stages of life.


It might be that you have loved your job, but you want to take the next step and need a bit of support to get there. Alternatively, your work circumstances might have changed, and you need an external perspective to sort things out. You might have ‘fallen’ into your current career and want to take some time to think about what it is that you really want to do.


Redundancy is sadly on many people’s minds at the moment – if you’ve been furloughed and are worried about not being brought back in, or if your redundancy notice has already been given, you may well feel that you need some help putting together your Plan B. Going through the process of redundancy is rarely an entirely positive experience, but I’ll work with you to try to make positive things come from it. If you are being made redundant, it is definitely worth asking your organisation if they are making any outplacement support available for you already – this can be a really beneficial starting point.


I can help you with any of the following:

  • Assessment of your current situation and working out ways to address difficulties in your current role

  • Understanding your strengths, interests and work values as a way of building a solid starting point for your next career move

  • Career counselling to explore new career options and planning for transition

  • CV and LinkedIn profile development

  • Support with job applications and interview preparation

  • Career coaching to support you through your early days in a new role, so you can hit the ground running and address any tricky situations that might come up 

  • Making a longer-term career management plan, so that you maximise your opportunities and are able to face any potential curveballs with confidence. I use a really helpful tool called The Balance Questionnaire as a great starting point for working out your priorities.

You can decide the level of support you need

Some clients will only want support over one or two sessions, but other clients might need more in-depth support. I will always have an initial conversation with every new client (free of charge) to discuss your own personal situation and what you think you’re looking for. I take a structured approach, and I’ll offer you some options of how we could potentially work together, and then leave it with you to decide how you’d like to take things forward.


It might help you to look through some previous client stories to get a better idea of how I work with people, or  Contact me to book a free initial consultation.

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