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Individual support > Career coaching for neurodiversity

Neuroinclusive career coaching

You may have always known that you had a neurodivergent (ND) condition, or you may have only recently been diagnosed. You may have challenges in your career and the usual tried and tested approaches just aren’t working for you.


I have a particular interest and understanding of ADHD and dyslexia, having personal experience of both. I have also worked with autistic and dyspraxic clients. I recently completed my MSc in Career Management and Coaching, and my research dissertation focused on adults with ADHD and their career strengths and successes. This research, and continuing professional development in the field, forms the basis of my approach to working with ND clients.


Whether you’re just starting out in your career, you’re in a role and struggling with certain elements of it, or you desperately want to try and find a different career; we’ll start with what’s most important to you.


We’ll spend time talking about what works for you, what you’re proud of having achieved,

as well as the things that you might find more challenging. We’ll build a picture of what’s most important for you in your working life, and what else might need to be taken into consideration. We’ll work at a pace that’s comfortable to you, and we can plan together how best to support you in your career journey.

Some of the things we might look at, depending on your own circumstances:

  • Understanding your strengths, interests and values as a really solid foundation for future career decisions

  • You might have a particular career challenge that you want to work through

  • You might be considering first career options, or a transition into a new industry

  • Support with pulling together a CV, LinkedIn profile, and job applications

  • Interview planning and preparation

  • Career management planning for the longer term – including arranging regular check-ins to help keep you on track if that would help

  • Strategies around potential accommodations that might help you in your working environment, and talking through issues around disclosure or looking to your organisation for support

  • Considering self-employment as an option if this is something that appeals to you, and thinking about what support you might need to have in place in order to free you up to do the stuff that you are best at

Although face to face sessions are not currently possible, I’ll work with you in the way that you find most comfortable – by phone, zoom or email/chat.


*Please note that although I am a qualified careers coach, and have undertaken significant research and training in this area, I am not a qualified therapist or psychologist, so if you feel you need more intensive support, I will be really happy to recommend organisations with greater resource availability and specific clinical experience.

You can decide the level of support you need

Some clients will only want support over one or two sessions, but other clients might need more in-depth support. I will always have an initial conversation with every new client (free of charge) to discuss your own personal situation and what you think you’re looking for. I take a structured approach, and I’ll offer you some options of how we could potentially work together, and then leave it with you to decide how you’d like to take things forward.


It might help you to look through some previous client stories to get a better idea of how I work with people, or  Contact me to book a free initial consultation.

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