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Maternity coaching/parental transition coaching

Maternity coaching or parental transition coaching is something that can be arranged either directly with you or is sometimes sponsored by the organisation you work for (always worth asking!) The main purpose is to support you during your pregnancy and/or in the run up to maternity or shared parental leave. It can be a confusing and exhausting time, and it can be helpful to have someone outside your organisational context to work through your ideas with you.


Some of the areas that we can explore together (depending on the stage you’re at) might include:

  • Communicating and managing your pregnancy at work

  • Preparation to hand over work to your team, or cover support in advance of your maternity or shared parental leave

  • Planning a really effective ‘Keeping in Touch’ programme to ensure a smooth return to work for both you and your organisation

  • Re-engaging with the organisation on your return; planning a ‘re-induction’ programme, clarifying and delivering on objectives, and reconnecting with key stakeholders

  • Looking at pragmatic ways to manage your new family and work dynamic

  • Potentially working through more complex issues around redundancy while pregnant or on maternity/shared parental leave

  • Preparing for an extended career break – developing a plan to keep in touch with your industry or to begin to explore alternative options if you choose not to return, or are unable to return to your previous role

You can decide the level of support you need

Some clients will only want support over one or two sessions, but other clients might need more in-depth support. I will always have an initial conversation with every new client (free of charge) to discuss your own personal situation and what you think you’re looking for. I take a structured approach, and I’ll offer you some options of how we could potentially work together, and then leave it with you to decide how you’d like to take things forward.


It might help you to look through some previous client stories to get a better idea of how I work with people, or  Contact me to book a free initial consultation.

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