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Early career decision-making

Maybe you’re still at school, and unsure about what direction you want to take when you leave; you might be taking an unplanned gap year before going to university and want to think about how to use the time as effectively as you can. Maybe you’re at university and feeling anxious about how to find that first job; or maybe you’ve been working for a few years and things just aren’t going in the way you hoped.


We live in a world where there seem to be endless possibilities, but sometimes that can make us feel unable to make a decision at all. You might be looking at your peers thinking that they all have it figured out and you’re the only one that doesn’t know what they want to do. 


There are a number of different ways that we can work together, depending on the stage you are at, and what you think you need some help with.


  • Helping you to identify your strengths, your interests and what you think is most important to you about how or where you might work.

  • Helping you to explore a number of different career options; going through a structured thinking and research process that will help you throughout your working life.

  • Thinking about a plan of what you might need to do to land your ideal chosen role – whether that is further education or training, or perhaps some stepping-stone roles to get you closer to making that key transition.

  • If you’re ready to apply for jobs, we can work through the application process, pulling together a great CV, setting up a new (or developing an existing) LinkedIn profile; preparing for interviews or assessment centres.

  • You might feel that you want some support getting started in your new role – planning for your first few days, talking through any tricky situations that might arise, understanding and exceeding objectives set so that you can settle in quickly, gain confidence, and start building your career in the most positive way.

  • We can also talk through a longer-term career management plan, so that you are maximising every opportunity, and directing your career on your own terms, and building career resilience should you reach some bumps in the road (which will inevitably happen at some point).

You can decide the level of support you need

Some clients will only want support over one or two sessions, but other clients might need more in-depth support. I will always have an initial conversation with every new client (free of charge) to discuss your own personal situation and what you think you’re looking for. I take a structured approach, and I’ll offer you some options of how we could potentially work together, and then leave it with you to decide how you’d like to take things forward.

It might help you to look through some previous client stories to get a better idea of how I work with people, or  Contact me to book a free initial consultation.

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