Testimonials from clients

Rebecca, London

I was in the early stages of pregnancy and my company was going through a restructure. I wasn’t sure how to manage the situation so I got in touch with MCW for some support and guidance.
Tamsin made it feel like a range of steps that I could work through and I just didn’t feel so alone. Through the counselling sessions and emails we exchanged I negotiated the salary and job title that I wanted and had  a really positive response from the management team. No doubt I’ll be in touch again at my next career junction, especially once the baby arrives and I acclimatise to my ‘new mum’ status.


Louise, Surrey

I was on maternity leave from a senior and demanding job in the city. I had wanted to change jobs for some time but the arrival of our second child drove home to me the impact of a three- hour daily commute, a job with very long hours full-time and a culture that I was uncomfortable with. My challenge was that I am currently the sole earner for our family, so the sense of responsibility weighed heavy on me. I was looking for someone to help me and my baby-fried brain through an emotional yet vital journey to understand my options, have the confidence to explore new things and make the right decision for me as an individual as well as the family.

Tamsin was able to help me gain some perspective on my situation. Exercises that she suggested I do with my husband reminded me of my desires and priorities, but also helped us to remember what we were working towards as a couple and what was important to us both as well as for the family. It was probably the first time I had really shared my concerns with my husband.

Once I was clear on what my values and drivers were and what options I might have, Tamsin helped me to explore those options, providing access to resources, feedback of draft CVs and letters and helped me try new ways of approaching headhunters and considering self- employment. Additionally, Tamsin helped me through the emotional stages when fear would take over – breaking down tasks and making them manageable amidst sleepless nights and an adjusting family unit.

I ended up making the decision to return to my place of work. But it was a conscious choice, made as result of knowing what other options I had and recognising that the time was not right to explore them. My employer offered massive flexibility on my return to work and for the short to medium term that was what we needed. I have gone back to work more confident that I’m good at what I do and can juggle everything more successfully. However, through the process with MCW I have also built a new network of contacts for when the time is right to move – the next year or so – and I will make that move because I know how to get there.

I would recommend MCW not just to mums but to anyone looking to explore new careers. The pragmatic approach is invaluable and the level of support exceptional. The fact that the person you are talking to understands your situation and can empathise with the challenges of managing a family and career was brilliant. I received guidance that was completely impartial and non-judgemental, vital when I had just had a baby.

I have seen career counsellors at various times in my life. The experience was totally different. Previously, I had filled out some exercises about preferences and IQ in a dark room and then had those answers replayed to me. Given I know myself quite well, I didn’t learn anything new. With MCW, however, I was credited with knowing myself and supported in a personalised way to verify that before the focus effectively shifted to actions to be taken and support to explore. I have never experienced this before and it makes MCW stand out from the rest in my view.

Katherine, Streatham

When I first went to MCW, I was six months into my second maternity leave and was unsure about whether or not to return to work, both from a financial point of view and from a career/fulfilment point of view. Having gone back to work after having my first child and struggled to balance my career with being a mum, I was really anxious about how I could make it work having two children. At the same time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to (or could afford to) be a full-time mum. I really needed some professional, impartial advice that could help me decide what would work for my personal circumstances and what options were out there for me.

After talking through my options, I came to the decision that I did want to go back to work and Tamsin supported me in putting forward a really strong case to my existing employer to ask for a part-time role that would allow me to get a good work-life balance and fit with my childcare without compromising too much on my own career path. Tamsin suggested new ways of working and gave me tips on how to structure my pitch to my boss.

For me, the most valuable outcome was that Tamsin gave me the confidence to ask for a better deal than I would have done on my own. She highlighted the reasons why I was still a strong asset to my company and the advantages to them of my working part-time. She coached me through the whole process and was always coming up with useful suggestions to get around any potential obstacles.

I would recommend MCW to any other mums or women who are looking to start a family because in my experience, there is a real gap in the market for this kind of service. I don’t know many women who have the right work-life balance and it’s hard to get back into the workplace after being at home with your children. I felt totally left behind and past it but Tamsin understood my issues straight away and gave me the support and advice I needed. It was a really personal service rather than someone just talking you through your rights or offering the standard advice on part-time working that you tend to get from most HR functions.

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