Careers counselling sounds interesting but I’m not sure if I really need it…

If you’re looking at this site, the chances are you are having some career issues that you are looking for some support with. It can often be tricky talking with friends, family or colleagues about these things – sometimes it can be really helpful to be able to discuss your thoughts and work out some options with someone independent from your own circle. Careers counselling offers an opportunity to focus exclusively on your issues, helps you to structure your thoughts and work out some solid action plans to take forward. It’s supportive, pragmatic and low-key.

There are lots of testimonials on the site from people that I’ve worked with – they will give you an insight into the difference that careers counselling has made to them.

If you’re still not sure, please do get in touch and we can have an initial discussion about your situation – I can give you some ideas about how we could work together, and you can decide if you want to take it forward. No pressure, no obligation.

Careers counselling sounds like it must be an expensive option – I’m not sure if I can afford it.

It is an investment, but it is probably more reasonable than you think. I work very flexibly – you don’t necessarily need to commit to a long run of sessions. I work with some people just for a single session, for example to review a CV or help prepare them for a specific interview. Others might use my support for a number of planned sessions over a fixed period, for example those looking to change career direction or return to work after a career break. Others just call for support as and when they need it. If  one to one support is outside your budget, I also run a number of open group workshops and events which can work out to be more financially cost-effective.

The most important thing to emphasise is that initial conversations are always free of charge – it’s important that you have the chance to talk to me about your own situation so that you can decide if I’m the right person to help you take things forward. These initial ‘introduction’ meetings either take place face to face at the office or at the career surgeries I hold elsewhere occasionally, or they might be phone oskype conversations if that is easier for you.

I work full time and wouldn’t have time to meet up in the daytime.

I mostly work during office hours, but I do offer limited evening and Saturday sessions for one to one consultations. Many people find it beneficial to take a half day or a whole day of holiday in order to focus on the session and perhaps spend time afterwards reflecting on exercises or further research options, rather than dashing back to the office.

I’m at home with children – can we meet with the kids around?

I am flexible with how we meet, but you will get more out of the session if you’re not distracted. The whole point of careers counselling is that it focuses on you as an individual, and you will find it easier to concentrate if your not worried about your smalls. Give your other half the chance to do some bonding with the kids, or ask a friend if they can keep an eye on them for an hour or so! I do offer limited evening and weekend sessions, but they get booked up pretty quickly! You’re welcome to come in with babies or small children if you’re just coming in for an introductory chat, though…

I’m not local to you – do you offer telephone consultations?

Absolutely. I am really happy to do consultations via telephone or skype if that works better for you.

Any other questions?

Please do contact me if you have any other questions… really happy to talk things through with you.




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